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What SMC Can Do For You

SM Commerce is a performance marketing agency with a specialism in Facebook and Instagram advertising for Ecommerce brands.

But we don’t just stop there; whether it’s email, organic marketing, creative campaigns, TikTok, Snap Ads or Google we got you covered.

Linus H
Ski brand CEO

“The perfect partner for marketing & sales growth”

“A perfect mix of all the technical knowledge and deep understanding of the Facebook eco-system combined with excellent overall marketing skills/strategy. Very agile and easy to work with, not like a slow old agency!”

How SMC Can Help You

At SM Commerce we know that every business is different.

We combine our processes and systems with your unique challenges to create a winning formula. No matter what stage your business is at, we have tried and tested solutions to customise to your needs.


Want to take your business online? Or struggling to get started? We specialise in producing ad campaign launches that build profitability for your business within 4-6 weeks on average.


Hit a growth ceiling? Or performance not as stable or profitable as it was? Our A-Team will diagnose and deliver the perfect remedy to becoming more profitable with your campaigns.


Hit 6 or 7-figure revenue already? Profitable? Looking to unlock the path to 7 or 8-figures? We can either consult or take over your campaigns to unlock the next level for your business.

Ecommerce Store Owner

“We grew our business from 6 to 7 figures”

“[Working with SMC] really helped me understand the data, and how to go about structuring my Ad account properly, how to test properly, how to scale properly, and putting them into perspective. We 4X’d our revenue in Q4 last year. Our AOV went up 15%, we’ve done another 12% this year.”

Powered By

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method is our in-house advertising operating system.

It’s what powers our clients and is used by thousands of agencies and businesses around the world, too, through our training services.

We combine human psychology, decades old marketing techniques and consumer profiling with modern day performance marketing.

The result?

A simple formula:

Ads That Convince + Funnels That Convert = Loyal Customers

Some Clients We’ve Helped

Mark D
Author & Coach for Authors

“To say we’re happy would be an understatement!”

“SMC’s been running our ads for a year – we sell courses in a reasonably small niche. I ran the ads for the first year and built it up to a seven-figure business. Then it got too busy, and I knew I wasn’t running them as effectively as they could be run. I met Depesh and Shalina at a FB awards event and asked them to get involved. And it’s been great. The team runs our lead gen when we’re not launching and then sales ads when we are. Current ROAS on the launch we are in the middle of now is around 1000%.”

Book A Free Consultation

At SMC we don’t just work with any business.
On average our wait times are from a few weeks to a few months (depending on availability). But if we’re a good fit, we’re all in.

Here’s a few things we look for:

A Trusted Partnership:
We love Clients that understand that we don’t work for you, we work with you. In return we’ll treat your business like our own and deliver 100% effort and attention every single day.

Positive Impact:
We have the power to sell anything to anyone and we take this responsibility seriously, too. We work with brands that help improve or transform lives for the better. For everything else there’s eBay and Craigslist.

Trusting The Process:
We enjoy partnerships that work to each others’ strengths. You know your business better than we do and in return we’ll install our tried and tested engine, The BPM Method to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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Hit the link below, enter a few details then book a call with our team at a convenient time for you. We’ll provide our feedback on recommendations and if we can help, we will.

When You Win, We Win

“This is a high pressure, results-based business and we know that. We’ve been on your side of the fence too. Yet we do this because we enjoy it and we enjoy the clients we work with.

SM Commerce began in 2012 as an affiliate marketing agency and consultancy. In 2017 we began running ads for clients and in 2018 added training and events into our services. Now, we’re driven by positive impact and change helping clients around the world reach their prospects profitably.

We go the extra mile for clients. We were recognised by Facebook, The Guardian newspaper, podcasts and more for our breakout success with a children’s book in 2015 which led to us being flown out to Facebook HQ in California to speak about our success.

We have built a team to help us deliver these results to even more businesses. We help global clients with media buying, creative planning, account management, project management, design, analysis, tech build, reporting and more.

Our team are remotely based, work flexible hours and are provided with as much training and support as they need. Because when they’re happy, you get results.

For us, advertising is about connecting a pain point or new opportunity with your product through clever messaging and funnels. We simplify the complex and get results. Let’s talk.”

Depesh & Shalina Mandalia.
Co-founders, SM Commerce.

Founder, VeeFresh

“With SM Commerce, your business will become better”

“Attention to detail unlike any agency we’ve worked with. Depesh and team have shown a deep understanding of brand positioning, customer journeys, and how it all ties into your daily media operations. When working with SM Commerce, all aspects of your business will become better.”